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Our farm breeds Cinta Senese pigs in a semi-wild environment in Montepulciano, a lovely town near Siena. The Cinta Senese is a very strong ancient pig breed that is all black with a white belt (cinta in Italian means belt).

In our farm we pride ourselves on natural feeding, wood pasture, hut pigsty and attention to every pig. Besides, we also breed the Grigio della Querce, a kind of pig that comes from the crossbreed between the Cinta Senese pig and the Large White. The cold-cuts made from the latter are rich in flavour but also low-fat.

It is possible to visit the farm by taking a short walk among the olive trees and the vineyard to reach our nice and friendly Cinta Senese pigs. You will be able to taste our products, including cured meats, vegetables from the garden and other local foods.

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